Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hillary Clinton--Our Next President

Last night, in between passing out handfuls of candy, I watched a recap of the Democratic Party's debate. Of particular interest was the spar with Hillary Clinton. They showed snippets of the exchanges and had commenters dissect what happened and how it would affect the Clinton campaign and the Democratic primary.

At issue were two points of contention; the de-classifying of documents between Hillary and Bill from the Clinton administration, and the issuing of driver's licenses to illegal immigrants--proposed by the governor of New York.

Regarding the first issue: It's just dumb. There is nothing unusual about documents being archived and classified during an administration and afterward, especially documents between the First Lady and the President. Obama said something really dumb about how we were coming from one of the most secret administrations ever--Bush--and everything should be laid out in the open. OK. Sure.....I can see how what Hillary and Bill wrote to each other is as important as national security! whatever. I can't believe that anyone would take that seriously.

The second issue: Hillary tried to walk the line between flat-out opposing licenses for illegals and supporting the current governor of the state, in which she is a senator, and who is also a fellow Democrat.

Her opponents all turned on her at his point, accusing her of double-talk and contradicting herself, but I don't think it will really hurt her.

I think Hillary is going to win the Democrat's nomination. I also think she's going to win the election next year.

As a Republican, I should be bothered by that, but I'm not. I actually think her winning could be a good thing for the country, and it has less to do with her politics and more to do with her personality.

Hillary wants it. She wants to be president more than anyone else up for it. She has been aiming for this for a long time. Nothing has gotten in her way...not a philandering husband, not constant ridicule during her time in the White House, not her long-shot bid for senator in New York when she first started her political career. You can't pay someone enough to care that much about something.

The same desire to make it that far, will keep her most liberal leanings under wraps, making her look more like a liberal Republican....not very different from half the Republicans already running for president. She wants a legacy. She wants to be the first woman who not only got elected, but did a great job in office.

The only way to do that is to learn the art of compromise and moderation.

I think she just might do it.


Musicguy said...

She can always look at Dubbya to learn the arts of compromise and moderat.... oh. no she can't :-)

terri said...

just had to make a swipe at the big W..huh? :-)

Well, he only has one more year left. It'll be interesting to watch this next year unfold.

Musicguy said...

443 days, 23 hours, and 29 minutes. just to be exact. (I have a counter on the top of my blog :-)