Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Belated Halloween

Last night I feared no ghouls or goblins, what with being escorted by two superheroes from different comic book universes. Any Marvel or DC villains were sure to be warded off by my powerful bodyguards!

"soooo...what's it like to stick to walls? "

"uh oh.....I think Braniac is on his way with a ship made from Kryptonite!"

My brave duo was rewarded with a cache of refined sugar which has a street value of $1.8 million dollars.

I've already started free-basing the chocolate.

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Jazzki said...

They are kyooot! :)

I'm so glad to see a committed Xtian parent who nonetheless doesn't boycott Halloween! (Did you see Challies' interesting post on that? He had some real lulu comments: I love it when folks accuse you of not putting Christ first if you "do" Halloween.) 4 me, it's nothing more than a progressive (as in "progressive potluck") costume party, and I well remember how much I loved donning a disguise (still love it, but of course, too tall to be t-&-t'ing, LOL!).