Friday, April 11, 2008

Poor Dog

My poor dog has been throwing up every day for the past week. She seems fine, plays fetch, runs around with the kids; and yet, at inconsistent times, she drinks a bunch of water and then proceeds to lose everything she ate hours before.

Today she visited the vet for her annual check-up where she usually embarrasses me with her hyper antics in the waiting room; the howling at the dogs in the back of the building, the whining and scrambling to get near any dog within 10 feet, the pulling on the leash. sigh. The vet prescribed her some special dog food and some medication to settle her stomach, but seems uncertain about what's wrong with her. I'm hoping it helps because I'm tired of scrubbing the carpet and cleaning up the yard.
DH thinks she's suffering from a poor body image and trying to fit in with the other "cuter" dogs by developing an eating disorder, yet another victim of distorted messages of beauty. My theory is that she's tired of her food and protesting with a hunger strike, waiting for me to hand-feed her bits of bread with peanut butter on it, like I did yesterday when she couldn't keep any "normal" food down.
The PB sandwich never made its way back up.

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