Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gmail Problems

A commenter, Vance H, offered me some advice earlier in the week when I was having problems getting into gmail; clear out the cookies and try it again. I did it and it worked, but now I keep having to do it over and over.

Earlier, someone came to my site through the search terms,"can' t access gmail." "Aha," I thought, "it must not be just me.""

Using Google brought me to their known issues page where I read this:

Some Internet Explorer 7 users are reporting the error message "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site Operation aborted." If you're experiencing this problem, please use Mozilla Firefox or the older version of Gmail.
So, the answer is....."Oh well, use a different browser."

Uh...thanks Google.....that was really helpful. The problem is that Firefox isn't doing such a great job at accessing gmail either. It keeps loading and loading, and then shows the top line of my inbox, then kicks back out into the loading process again. It does this repeatedly without ever getting into the account.

As far as using the old version of gmail, I didn't even know there was an old version. I just have the home page saved in my favorites and it redirects it to wherever it wants. How do I keep the "old version" saved without it automatically redirecting to the "new version."

Any ideas out there?


VanceH said...

Hi Terri, Sorry to hear about the continuing email troubles. With regards to the older version of gmail, look on the upper right hand of the gmail page (once you've gotten in successfuly) to the right of the "settings", and it should say "older version". That should send you back a version. Another suggestion is after you have cleared your cookies try Firefox first, without using IE7. It could be IE7 that is causing the problem. Or the reverse-- Firefox causing the problem. My email is vance3h at gmail if you want to contact me directly.

VanceH said...

One other idea. It could be something in your intray that is confusing gmail (e.g. strange characters, unusual attachments). Might be worth going through your first couple of pages on your in-tray and archiving or deleting anything that might be unusual.

terri said...

Thanks Vance.

Nothing weird in my inbox, that I can figure out anyway.

I did manage to get in and change it to the "older version." That will work as long as my cookies and settings aren't deleted again.

I realized, after i posted, that the link to the "older version" was in my post.

If all else fails, I can always find this post and use it as an entry point.

You would not believe how many hits I have gotten to my blog from this issue. I never realized gmail had any bugs before. This is the first time I've had problmes. DH said that our computer just uploaded a bunch of microsoft updates recently and maybe that had something to do with it.

Thanks for your thoughtfulness! :-)

Just makes me think of those microsoft/mac commercials. :-)

VanceH said...

Hi Terri, That's funny that the older revision link was right there in your post--I missed it too. Interesting that you got a lot of hits on your blog for gmail problems. Mabe I should add email hints to my meditation topics...

Lacy Brown said...

you are already using this as your default for pretty much everything. It would be nice to continue that here as well.
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