Thursday, April 10, 2008

Playing to the Audience??

Uh...can someone explain to me why the American Idol contestants are singing Shout to the Lord?

Simon better watch out for some lightning bolts. Last time I checked he usually denigrated the faith of most of the contestants.

Go figure.


Amanda said...

Definitely playing to the audience. They're trying to raise money for charity. So they're targeting that Christian demographic.

Except they took the word "Jesus" out of the song...

terri said...

Are you sure? I could have sworn I heard them start off with..."My Jesus, My Savior..." That's what caught my attention right away.

What did they replace Jesus with?

My cheeses? :-)

Your Hubby said...

They definitely sang it as written. I heard 'em start off with "My Jesus, My Savior".

terri said...

My comment sounded sarcastic...I didn't mean it that way.