Thursday, April 17, 2008

Funniest Comeback Ever!

Heard at BHT in reference to a conversation involving problems between a husband and wife, caused by the husband's sudden surge towards fundamentalism.

The earnest question from a male poster:

"How should a couple who are split over cultural issues, one fundamentalist Baptist, the other contemporary evangelical PCA, conduct themselves. They are not comfortable in each other’s churches. It’s drums vs. hymns, NIV vs. KJV, extra modest clothing vs. more fashionable, more ecumenically generous vs. denunciations of the Pope and consigning all RCatholics to hell, not watching any TV vs. thinking American Idol is a family show. Husband has become fundamentalist Baptist and is seeking to lead his home. Prior to that he was more nominal member of PCA church, in fact, technically he still is. Wife has been very involved, consistently enthusiastic about her PCA church and participating even leading ministry.
What do you tell her and him?

The response from my new, favorite woman:

"I would tell him to crawl back into his hole. She sounds like she’s got the spiritual spine. Hope she’s got a lot of patience. Or, she could whack him with a heavy skillet. He’s disruptive and disrespectful if he thinks he gets to tell her what to do just because he’s fallen into a group that’s pumping up a phony sense of manhood and self righteousness."

I belly-laughed for about 5 minutes over this.

You go, Sharon.

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