Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What I Gave My Husband

I never said what I wound up getting for DH for our 10th anniversary. Y'know the one that has an aluminum theme.

I was stuck, as I usually am when it comes to getting gifts for my husband. The problem isn't knowing what he would like, but in picking something that actually fits into our budget. Sorry, no Mac can be purchased for $50.00 or less! Ditto for an HD flat-screen.

What's a girl to do? The internet actually helped me out on this one. I searched through website after website looking for ideas and finally hit upon something I could afford and that I thought he would like:

It's a digital photo key chain from Brookstone. It holds up to 62 pictures and has great resolution, even after it resizes the photo to fit on such a small screen. The chain part is made of metal--so I assumed there's probably some kind of tin or aluminum in there. Don't tell me otherwise, because I was entirely too pleased with my idea!

I did run into a problem the day I purchased it. I brought it home, downloaded the software and uploaded some photos only to discover three black lines marring the viewscreen. aaargghh! It was broken. I had to take it back and replace it right away. Brookstone said they had been having a problem with messed-up screens, and had just switched out their inventory with ones that worked. Not exactly building my consumer confidence in the product, Brookstone!

The replacement I was given seems to be working fine, but I am still wondering if it's going to die on me.

So, great gift for someone, but check yours out in the store if you buy one.


Your Hubby said...

I love it, and the new one works perfect so far!

Anonymous said...

I found same item & many other items at Brookstone store at Couponalbum.com at most discounted prices..!!