Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Democracy Kung Pao

Independent Lens: Please Vote For ME!

This was absolutely fascinating!

Three third grade, Chinese students campaign for class monitor with their overbearing parents becoming so involved in the process that my jaw was constantly dropping to the floor. I thought only mothers of Texas high school cheerleaders acted this way!

One father has his kid bribe his classmates with a ride on a monorail and a pretty card right before the vote is taken. The parents of the other boy give him all sorts of Machiavellian advice, which he implements with great poise. The single mother of the only girl is not quite so bad, but even she writes the girl's campaign speech, being sure to tell her daughter to memorize every word of it and deliver it well.

Most of their campaigning consists of brutally laying out the faults of the other candidates. They are merciless, encouraged by their parents to trick, show up, and humiliate their opponents.

I could not look away.

I won't give away the ending in case you decide to watch it!

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