Sunday, October 14, 2007

Restful Weekend

DH and I were privileged enough to stay at a Bed and Breakfast in St. Petersburg this weekend to celebrate our 10 Year anniversary. Thanks go to my in-laws, who are so gracious to treat us to these luxuries; things that we would normally never be able to enjoy on our own budget. What can I say? They're nice people!

Here's a few pics:

Before checking in, we stopped at a local "winery" which really wasn't a winery in the sense of acres upon acres of vineyards. Instead, it was a place where they produce a variety of non-traditional wines made from a citrus fruit base and other various juices and flavors. We were able to sample about eight different wines, ranging from a mango wine all the way through to an orange/coffee wine called Midnight Sun. It sounds worse than it tastes! I actually liked it, although it was a strange combination of flavors to get used to.

We wound up purchasing a bottle of wine made from coconut, pineapple and orange flavors...yummy pina colada!

After exploring the winery, we headed over to the Bed and Breakfast to check in. The room was beautiful, though I would have liked warmer colors than the cool blue. The bed was enormous with a huge, elevated, carved headboard, something I would imagine seeing in a castle or museum. The bathroom was impeccable and featured a whirlpool tub that could probably fit a small country within its cavernous depths.

After check-in we hit the streets of St. Petersburg, browsing through artsy shops and listening to a cover band rockin' out to The Eagles and Bon Jovi. One of the art stores we entered had the coolest metal sculptures that I SO would have bought if I had $300 to spend a superfluous sculpture that amused me. Alas, I don't have that kind of money so I took some pictures. Only one turned out well.

I'm a dog person.

For dinner, we walked to a local Indian restaurant and were treated to a delicious chicken curry and warm, freshly baked naan. mmmm. naan. I wish we had an Indian restaurant near us! I am so jealous of you St. Petersburg!

I have more to write about, but this post is already dragging on with all sorts of details that probably bore everybody else in the known universe.

more later.

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