Monday, June 15, 2009

Overthinking Things

We've been visitng my in-laws for a few days. It's always a pleasant time to relax and have fun with them and our children.

To be helpful, I decided to wash some dishes and fold their laundry.

As I was folding their shirts and shorts, I realized half of the load consisted of their underwear. I initially folded everything else and left the underwear in a pile because I thought that I wouldn't want other people folding my underwear.

A while later, I worried that they might be offended that I folded everything but their I was afraid they had cooties or something!

I hurriedly went back and folded every pair.'s what makes life interesting! :-)


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Like churches arguing about the color of the carpet, I think that these neuroses with inlaws are just the ways that other issues express themselves.

Retriever said...

But what a kind daughter in law you are, Terri! I remember fondly the help with just such chores that my mother in law used to give me when she came to stay. She would shoo my husband away, and chat with me, and we would enjoy each other's company so much that we got all the most hateful chores done together quite painlessly....

terri said...

Thanks Diana!

My in-laws are great people. They really are