Friday, June 05, 2009

Blogging Slowdown

Today's the first day with no school for the boys.  

That means my blogging will probably slow down or become even more superficial....because I can't really think clearly with kung-fu sound effects ringing in my ears as my children use their ninja super-powers while fighting the imagined bad guys that lurk behind every corner of our house.

Plus...I'm going to try and actually have a productive summer, which means not taking advantage of the ability to sleep in until 8 or 9 in the morning.  Whenever I sleep in it always seems to completely mess up my momentum.

If I haven't answered your isn't because I'm ignoring you....really...I promise!

I just haven't gotten to it I'm prone to procrastination.

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Retriever said...

Write down some of the funny things they say. Or threaten them that you will and psychoanalyze them in the blog. "J, overcompensating for his anxieties as the shortest boy in his class, tho the smartest, plays the part of the giant thug like robot stomping the earthlings to bits..."

"Honest, Mom, we'll just be quiet and good and go work on our summer math packets and reading lists in our room....just don't tell everyone what we do....