Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Worth-It-All Moment

After picking up the kids from school, and getting them started on their homework, I usually ask about their day.

Today The Rationalist described a race in PE between two third grade classes. He won first place for distance and time. It was some sort of timed relay in which individuals were eliminated and he was the last man standing.

That wasn't the worth-it-all moment, though I am happy for him.

The worth-it-all moment was when Intuitive Monkey looked at him and said, "That's really great, J--! Good job!"

They have become such good friends lately, not that we still don't have the occasional WWE Smackdown take place in our house, but they seem so much more cooperative.

Just this morning I heard Monkey ask The Rationalist to help him with something in his room, and instead of teasing him, The Rationalist matter-of-factly said, "Sure."

They are growing up so fast.

I can hardly believe it at times.


MInTheGap said...

Last night my oldest was telling the youngest (19 months) what to say while we were praying as a family. It was the cutest thing-- and you're right. They grow up too fast!

terri said...

Before I know it they'll be driving! AACK!

Assistant Village Idiot said...

It's a mixed blessing when they stop tattling on each other and form a coalition. When your main source of information on them dries up like that, you have to find other sources (I recommend driving their talkative friends in the carpool).

In those years you can comfort yourself with the knowledge that they will know you for perhaps another 50-60 years, but will know each other for over a hundred more years, and the things they hid from you will be good conversation for them then.