Thursday, September 25, 2008


Our house was broken into over the summer. The kids' Wii and all of my jewelry were stolen. Our insurance company, USAA, was really great about working with us and getting a claim check out to us very promptly. We replaced the boys' Wii, but the rest of the money, about $1,000, we stuck into our savings account.

Because I was still in the thick of treatment when school started this year, I wasn't able to get my old job back, which follows the school calendar. It is a physically active job that requires a lot of travelling and being on my feet for several hours each day. I wasn't up to it so I had to reluctantly tell my boss that she would have to hire someone else. boo hoo for me and my boss...she really wanted me back.


Despite the negatives of being robbed, we were happy to have the extra cash to put into savings to see us through the next few months. I plan on looking for a new job, or possibly getting my old job back, in January....when I won't be so tired, and hopefully not as bald.

Today I dropped the car off to get checked out because the annoying "check engine" light came on this week. We had this happen to another car, and it turned out to be nothing. Bad sensor.

Well..not so lucky today. Our Corrolla needs a new catalytic converter...oh....and some new brakes too. Total price for parts and labor--$1150. ugh.

On the bright side....even robbery has its silver lining. We have $1000 dollars more to deal with this than we would have before some thug broke into our house.

So even in the craziness, there is always something for which to be grateful.

Thanks God.

Though next time a winning lottery ticket might be less traumatic than a break-in.

I'm just sayin', if You want to work in mysterious ways....y'know I'm open to some other possibilities.



MInTheGap said...

If He gets in the habit of doing the lottery thing, can you put in a good word for me?

Great story about God's provision. He really does provide for our needs, and works good out of the bad.

And if you happen to see another Wii, I'm looking for one for my family for Christmas! How'd you manage to get this one?

terri said...

The first one we had came from Target.

The second was from Best Buy. That one my Mother-in-Law came across. She called and asked if we wanted her to buy it and then reimburse her.....which we did...'cause you never know when they are going to show up in the stores.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that there are times when God seems to know how much we have in our savings accounts.
I'm gonna have to find somewhere else to hide it.


terri said...


LOL..what a funny comment.

It sure does seem that way sometimes, doesn't it?

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I liked it, too, Sue. It's the quote of the day over at my blog today.