Tuesday, September 23, 2008


more animals

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Assistant Village Idiot said...

Story: the week that we adopted our boys in Romania was mostly spent waiting around for bureaucrats, so we went to tour Peles Castle. Three missionary kids the boys knew accompanied us. Amidst the cheap souvenir stands there was a young man with a lioness on a leash, letting people have their picture with the lion for about 25 cents. One of the MK's, an athletic 12 year old, jumped at the chance.

When he tried to walk away the lioness had decided she liked him, and wrapped a paw around his middle to hold him there. His face turned instantly white, feeling up close and personal the immense power of the beast and his complete inability to pull away. I also turned white, wondering how you explained to parents that you had let a lioness take their kid. What was I thinking? "Hey, great, Kyle. Let me get my camera out."

She grew bored and let him go, thankfully.