Sunday, March 09, 2008


We missed church lst week because Intuitive Monkey had a cold which eventually became pneumonia. He has been on antibiotics since Tuesday and feels much better, but still is battling a nagging cough.

DH had to leave for the ariport at 10:30. The time change went into effect last night. We started visiting churches last month, looking for one to call home. Those three factors coalesced into the decision to not attend anywhere this week.

Instead, we decided we would have church at home today. We read from Matthew, the passage about the Last Supper. We stopped every few moments explaining the backstory to the kids, explaining words like "indignant", "betray", and "chief priests." Both of the boys were very interested. They have heard the Easter story many times, but I think they are old enough to catch nuances in the story that would have been difficult to understand previously, such as the enormity of Judas' betrayl of Jesus, the false prosecution of an innocent man, and people conspiring in back rooms. Afterward we prayed for DH's safety as he travels and that God would be with him as he presents material to a large group. It's an important step for him and his job, one that he is eager to do, but one that's also a little nerve-wracking.

It was a sweet time. Even though I am longing for a larger church community to belong to, this morning my family was all the community I needed to worship. I actually felt peaceful and encouraged that God is still guiding us. May He lead us to where we need to be and help us grow together in community with each other as we search.


VanceH said...

Hi Terri, I don't know what the doctors have told you, but a couple of years ago a sister in law, and recently a coworker have had chemo and were able to keep working. Holding you up in prayer.

-- Vance

terri said...

thanks vance.

i appreciate your encouragement.