Thursday, March 06, 2008

Catching Up

I'm ending the BlogFast simply because there's a lot on my mind and blogging lets me vent those things without having to make those around me suffer through my verbal overload. Not blogging was constructive in the amount of time I saved, and several times I realized it helped me focus on other areas of my life more completely. I missed it though....not even for important things, but in not being able to record the cute things my kids said or post pictures of fun outings we had.


so without further ado......

In February, we went to the Florida State Fair. It's an annual outing for us. We invited my dad to come out and took him with us as a way to try and connect with him. Intuitive Monkey climbed to the top of The Big Yellow Slide and rode down it's four-story high slope on a burlap sack.

He lived to tell about it.

We also checked out the miniature horse show. Many of the participants were hardly older than The Rationalist.

Inspired to be cowboys, the boys found just the right horse for them; easy to care for, gentle, and just the right size.

No unsightly droppings to pick up either.

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