Monday, January 14, 2008

Weird Things I Notice

A few weeks ago, while the kids and DH were away for a couple of days, I did some painting and
"redecorating". I had decided to get rid of the fancy, shiny, goldish comforter with accompanying shams and dust ruffle. It was too much, difficult to wash, and was getting snagged by the dog's claws.

Instead, I decided to buy a nice, fluffy, cream blanket that would be easy to wash and would be less expensive to replace if the dog happened to ruin it somehow. I kept the gold dust ruffle, brought in a greenish throw for the bottom of the bed, and spent two hours in Target trying to decide which decorative pillows would work with the color scheme I had in mind.

Yes...very important...I know.

I got home put it all together and was pleased with the result. It was casual, coordinated and spa-like--in my mind anyway. It was only after I had bathed the dog, and let her jump up onto the bed, that I realized what I had done.

I had decorated my bed to look like the dog. Snuggled up to the pillows, I realized my whole color scheme matched her color scheme! Golds, browns, even the cream blanket matched the white stripe on her nose and the patch on her chest! I love the dog so much that I subconsciously wanted the room to match her? Or....did we I pick her out from the other dogs in the shelter because of my natural preference and attraction to earthy, neutral colors?



Your Hubby said...

Admit it! You love our dog more than me! ;-)

terri said...

define more!