Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is Januarty 29th Over Yet?

I am not exaggerating when I say that we have personally received about 50 phone calls from the various Republican candidates during this past week--Mitt, Rudy, John, and even Mike called to invite us to meetings or let us know about their plans for the U.S. and their unique qualifications for the presidency. The pitfalls of being a registered voter with a party affiliation are vast. Apparently, the Do Not Call directory doesn't apply to campaigning politicos.

So help me G--, if I have to hear Mitt Romney talk one more time about his role in the Olympics, I am personally going to throw a ski pole at his head. I watched the Salt Lake Olympics. Their opening show stunk!...some little girl ice-skating in a red jacket. Where were the flame-throwers a la Sydney's 2000 Olympics? hmm? Plus, how hard could it have been to get the Committee to Salt Lake. " need snowy places and mountains for the winter events? Hey we've got some of that right here!" Now holding the Winter Olympics in Southern Texas..that would take skill.

And...everybody's arguing about how much they support Bush's past tax cuts. This is relevant to what I am looking for in a candidate how? I am supposed to vote based on tax cuts that were initiated before the Iraq war and the billions of dollars we are spending there? And where are we going to get the money for all that defense spending anyway? I guess from the fifth dimension in which tax cuts magically produce income to fund the government. What a wondrous dimension.

McCain seems to be cashing in on the past in a completely different way. His ads prominently feature photos of him in the seventies, playing off his boyish, handsome looks of yesteryear. The ads make no specific mention of his Vietnam service, but seem to have the subtext of, "I used to be a hunky, virile guy. Vote for me!"

Maybe that's why I am leaning toward him.....can't resist a man in uniform.


Rick said...

Good luck. Here in SC, the phone calls for the Rebpublicans stopped as soon as the primary was over last week. But none of them inspired me either. McCain would've come close - but there was one TV commercial with a line like, "and the goodness of the American people is the hope of mankind" - I couldn't get past that one.

terri said...

I'll probably go for McCain unless something dramatic changes my mind.

I do look forward to the 30th when the phone insanity stops! :-S