Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Toy

We finally got our new digital camera. Our old one, a Canon PowerShot A80 was killed off by our children in a two step process. Intuitive Monkey accidentally knocked it off the counter one day, causing the camera to crack along the seam where the batteries were held. Carefully applied tape held it together, applying just enough pressure for the batteries to make contact thereby allowing the camera to actually work. The second step in the camera's untimely demise was executed by a very "helpful" Rationalist who decided to do us a favor by changing out the rechargeable batteries without asking if he should or could. When the cover didn't open quite right, he figured he just needed more force to pry it open. Bye-bye little PowerShot.
That was right before Christmas, which meant we had to rely on an old 35 millimeter that used actual film. Gasp! Yes, they still make that stuff! I was happy to use that old camera because once we made the switch to digital I took a ton more pictures, but few of them have been printed out. So, the the computer has an endless stream of pictures, but the photo albums abruptly end at Christmas 2003.

Ahhh....but now we are firmly back in the 21st century with our replacement--a Canon PowerShot A570. I only got to use it for a few minutes yesterday and it follows the same pattern as the old camera, but seems to have decreased the wait time between the pressing of the button and the taking of the of the more annoying aspects of digital photography.
Here's a pic I lifted from some site...'cuz it's hard to take a picture of a camera with that same camera without breaking the laws of physics. Hopefully Canon won't mind. It's free advertising....right?

So far it seems great; better resolution, more features, lighter and slightly smaller than the A80.
I'll have to post some pics later!

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