Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Break

I haven't blogged or even thought about blogging much in the last few days. The boys are on Spring Break.

You'd think that I would be going out of my mind having the two of them running around the house all day , chasing each other, and leaping upon one another like some sort of muscle-bound wrestlers from the WWF...or is it WWE now? But, actually, breaks from school are usually much more restful and peaceful. Without the pressure of the clock and the driving from here to there, trying to fit errands and work into a tight schedule, life goes much more smoothly. I can see why homeschooling has an appeal. Instead of trying to wrap your life around the schedule set by the public school, you can develop your own rhythm without outside pressure. If I didn't think I would go insane doing it, I might actually give it a go.


Our gracious in-laws gave us a year's pass to Busch Gardens this past Christmas. Because of our sad former car, we hadn't been willing to make the drive to actually use them. But now because of our great, new, little car(thank you God!), we finally got to use them.

Here are a few pics:

We took the park's train for a ride past the serenghetti part of the park. Rhinos, zebras, giraffes, and various gazelles roam freely through the park. There are no fences between the train and the veld where the animals are. If one developed animal psychosis and decide to charge the long, red animal with wheels, we would have all been speared. That's pretty cool! :-)

Besides all of the animals, Bush Gardens has multiple roller coasters and a special area for kids called The Land of the Dragons. It consists of a three-story high structure of netted, suspension bridges, a huge climbing apparatus, a bouncer half the size of a football field and lots of kid's rides. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time there!

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