Thursday, March 29, 2007

Any Help or Ideas?

So, I spent one night tweaking my blog. I changed the widths, colors, and did a few small cosmetic changes. I was happy with the new look and very proud of myself for being a master manipulator of code only to find out that none of it actually worked.

When I view my blog, I see it exactly as I tweaked it. When my husband viewed my blog the next day, he said that it didn't look anything like it looked on our home computer. The color was missing, the borders were off and some things weren't aligned properly.

So, help me out here! Has anyone ever experienced this discrepancy between what appears on your computer screen as oppsed to what others see? How do you fix the problem if you don't even know if it's really fixed by viewing it?

I encountered this once before with my business site. I had posted some pictures and they came up perfectly on my screen, but showed up only with the red X-in-the-box for everyone else. I reposted the pictures and everything worked out, but it didn't require code manipulation.

I feel like such a blog-loser/wannabe..... :-(


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