Friday, August 19, 2011

This Little PIggy said,"Wee, Wee, Wee", all the way to the ER

Rushing madly through outside school hallways--which are open to the torrential, afternoon, Florida rain--a toddler darted out in front of me and caught my naked pinky toe, unprotected by my flip-flops, with his apparently steel-toed tennis shoes.

After limping around the elementary school, and then the middle school for two hours, while holding back tears towards the end, I realized that my toe was probably broken instead of only badly stubbed.

One trip to the ER, and a few X-rays later, I am the proud owner of shiny metal crutches.

My husband thinks I have become a self-inflicating injury hypochondriac looking for extra attention.  I told him not to say things like that to a woman who has two new, long, metal clubs with which to strike him.

He's lucky that I can't chase after him! ;-)


JSA said...

LOL, that's a great use of crutches! When I was on crutches earlier this year, I found that the crutches are perfect size for Philippines Arnis stick martial arts. Check out the video of this woman doing a basic double stick drill, and then try practicing the (very easy to learn) Heaven 6 drill from this tutorial. Most drills are easy to do with your hands holding the grip pads of the crutches, and look quite cinematic and menacing after you practice a bit.

terri said...

Thanks for the tutorial!

My husband is now fearing for his life!


Sabio Lantz said...

Love from someone who truly understands us is a wonderful thing!

Crutches for a pinky! Seriously? Your poor husband.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

I think catching him by surprise would be more effective than an involved drill. Less work for you, too.

Or you could practice something that looks accidental, so that you could bat your eyelashes and say "Whoops! Sorry!"

You can also get a twofer by letting your children in on the possible plans you are entertaining. Without realising it, they will absorb something of what might happen to them if they went seriously astray.