Friday, March 05, 2010

Movie Madness

Thanks to Redbox and Blockbuster Express kiosks everywhere around us, DH and I rent/watch movies much more frequently than we used to.

$1 is a small price to pay for a DVD rental. The low cost not only makes us rent more movies, but also makes us more willing to rent movies we haven't heard of or aren't certain that we'll like.

Sometimes it works out....sometimes....not so much.

Like Pandorum...a sci-fi movie that's more horror than sci-fi. The back-story of the plot is really just a set-up for the gory action which follows. It's irrelevant and could have been replaced by an innumerable number of alternate back-stories that would get a spaceship full of people out into space and have creepy things start to happen.

Not much different than 2012, another example of a backstory which has nothing to do with the actual movie. By the time all of the overdone disaster scenes have passed the Mayan calendar has been completely forgotten. A better title would have been Neutrinos Run Amok and Screw Everything Up.

The Time Traveler's Wife got so-so reviews but I enjoyed it. The only downside was that the night after we watched it I kept having recurrent dreams in which DH was disappearing. It doesn't help that DH has the occasional sleep twitch. The combination of the weird dream and the sudden shaking from DH's jerky movement made it seem even more he was plopped into bed after appearing out of thin air.


I didn't sleep well all that night. How can you rest when you think the person next to you is constantly dematerializing and re-materializing all night long?

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Assistant Village Idiot said...

As a major twitcher, I have bad news. Unless it is a medication side-effect that can be adjusted, it will likely get worse. DH will be materialising for a long time.

His sleeping on top of the blanket (or sheet - anything to provide a slight barrier) will provide some protection, and it's less drastic than kicking him out or going off to sleep on the couch yourself.