Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blogroll Update

I'm going through the blogroll, deleting blogs that I haven't really read in quite some time and adding some that I read regularly.

The first addition goes to John Hobbins and his blog Ancient Hebrew Poetry. John actually frustrates me sometimes. I don't always agree with him and he lapses into occasional, fiery rhetoric. However, he almost always has something interesting on his blog and even when I disagree with him, I can see that he has thought deeply about the points he is making.

Next addition goes to Joel Watts with his blog The Church of Jesus Christ. Quite a weighty name to give to your blog! My husband looked over my shoulder one day while reading it, thinking it was the website of a new denomination or maybe a cult. Nope. Just some guy blogging....but he blogs frequently and has an interesting mix of ideas.

Third addition...Opining Online, by Donna B. I've run into Donna at Assistant Village Idiot's blog before and every time I click over to her blog I always find something interesting on it...a mix of personal blogging, conservative ideas and some posts that are just for fun. Well-rounded.

I'll be adding more over the next few weeks.


James Pate said...

Good choices!

Just don't delete me! I'm a small business sort of blog. I need all the word of mouth I can get! :D

J. L. Watts said...

Thanks, Terri!

terri said...

James...I won't delete you! I do still read your blog through my reader. Honestly, I have only commented on a few sites here and there over the last couple months. So, rest assured, even though I haven't shown up in the comments, I've read several of your posts.....including your reading of The Feminine Mystique.

John Hobbins said...

My goodness, Terri. Thanks for this.