Sunday, November 01, 2009


Luckily, our pediatrician has evening hours. The Intuitive was able to get in and get tested for the flu and strep. He did not have the flu, which is good and means we can get him vaccinated for H1N1 once he's better, but tested positive for strep.

After dosing him up on antibiotics, we let him Trick or Treat for a block or two before taking him back home and letting The Rationalist continue raking in the candy. The Rationalist offered to Trick or Treat long enough to make up for his brother's inability to go with him. There is some brotherly love there....even in the face of their normal sibling rivalry.

Because money is tight this year, they were originally going to reuse their costumes from last year. At the last minute they decided they wanted to make their own.

The Rationalist was a "Jailbird":

He made his leg shackles himself.

The Intuitive was a robot:

He decided he didn't want to wear the head and arm portions of his costume.

Before they headed out to amass their sugary collection:

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