Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm moving slowly this morning.

Thanksgiving week was a major working holiday for us. We managed to prime the exterior of my father's house, which was exciting for DH who had the happy task of climbing 20 feet up an extension ladder to reach the peaks of the house. I stood at the base of the ladder, steadying it and realizing that if DH fell, I would be the one to break his fall. Scenarios in which both of our bodies were laying in a heap on the lawn--with a shiny ladder pinning us down--ran through my mind.

We get to do it all again over the next week or two, except with actual paint instead of boring, white primer.

Things are slowly coming along in this never-ending project. Once the outside is painted, we're moving on to tiling the bathrooms, something which I am both excited and nervous about. I managed to take a few classes at Home Depot, so I feel like I have a basic grasp of the process....but I'm just nervous and not wanting to screw things up.

I'll post pictures of my handiwork when it's done.....either out of self-satisfaction, or as a warning to any would be do-it-yourself-ers

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Retriever said...

You go girl! If I get laid off, I shall be doing similar work on our house...No imminent threat that I know of, but ever present rumblings by management...

My spouse taught himself tiling and he did a good job. I personally lack the patience and skill. I am better at the stuff that requires enthusiasm and brute force. Carrying top soil, hacking brush, weeding, etc.

Your dad is blessed indeed to have such a devoted family. It's a gift to him, but also to your children who are seeing love in action.