Friday, October 30, 2009

Future Predictions from the Past

My favorite comment on the video:

Flying cars, online transactions and communications, none of these notions seemed to be so far-fetched back then. But the notion that many women will someday handle the bills and business of the family?! Utterly inconceivable!


Talon said...

you should look up 'IT'S the 80s, where's our rocket packs' by daniel amos on youtube. One of the greatest rock bands ever, nobody ever heard them because they were christians who didn't do sappy praise music.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I wonder how much that women-paying-the-bills was known but not officially admitted. An elderly banker told me years ago that in farm couples, it was usually the woman who knew all the financial info. No mortgage business would get done until she arrived.

Not that anyone would say that publicly then, of course.

terri said...

Talon,...I'm on it.

AVI....that's probably true. It's easier to think in stereotypes about people in the past than it is to realize they were just as diverse as us.