Saturday, October 03, 2009

Race for the Cure

I ran my first, official 5K this morning in St. Petersburg's Race for the Cure.

Thousands of people showed up to run, participate and support survivors of breast cancer and those who have lost their battle to it. I was one of about 150-200 survivors....probably one of the youngest ones there.

I lined up in my pace range only to figure out that nobody else was paying any attention to the markings. The vast majority of people were walking the 5K. I had to weave and dodge through the crowd of walkers just to get to a place where I could actually jog. Next time, I will move closer to front of the pack in order to be able to start running right away.

Here I am all sweaty and pink-faced, wearing my special survivor medal. My time was about 42 least I "ran" it!


Assistant Village Idiot said...

congratulations. I thought you looked awfully fresh and fit in the first picture - so I'm guessing it's a "before."

terri said...

yep...most definitely "before"!