Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Me...this past week

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I felt guilty after my telemarketer/salesperson post. Writing it out made me think about what a jerk I was being..not without having good reasons to be a jerk...but still...I shouldn't embrace my jerkiness. It's too easy to let it become my default position.

And then...there was my post about Governor Sanford. I pretty much think he is out in left field, but he's such an easy target it's probably not fair to throw stones at him.

The only positive aspect of the governor's "confession" was the fact that his wife didn't stand by him while he made it. It sickens me to see women standing silently by while their spouse describes his infidelity to the media. It's terrible for a man to expect his wife to do that and worse for her to feel compelled to do it.

I've got to hand it to Jenny Sanford...she's strong, not withholding the possibility of reconciliation, but also not deceived about what exactly she is dealing with.

A good quote from her:

A former investment banker from a wealthy Chicago family, Jenny Sanford has said she is prepared to consider reconciliation but on Friday she made no attempt to conceal her contempt for his behaviour.

Asked by one reporter about the governor’s political prospects, she snapped:
“His career is not a concern of mine . . . I’m worried about my family and the character of my children.”

Love it. I have a feeling she'll find her way through this mess.

Anyway...this is my public confession.

Telemarketers and salespeople, I have sinned against you.

From now on, I won't respond with verbal jabs. I'll just hang up and allow you to call someone else.

It'll be a win for both of us.

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