Thursday, March 26, 2009

Seen on TV

One of the funny things about having kids is rediscovering things through their eyes.  The normal, everyday things that we tune out or have learned to ignore over time are picked up by them and can absolutely fascinate them.

I knew I was in trouble a while back when I finally got out of bed one Saturday morning and found the kids watching an infomercial instead of their normal Power Rangers, Skunk Fu, or Go Go Rikki. They were awed by the charismatic salesman.

Every product they had seen seemed miraculous to them. They told me I should get Cindy Crawford's skin care system...not that I'm old right now...but just in case I started needing it soon.  To tame my curly hair, I needed the Kiyoseki Styler.  To take care of my rough calluses, I needed the PedEgg.

They seemed really concerned about my youth and beauty.  I try not to think about it too much.

Last Christmas was the as-seen-on-TV Christmas.  I received the Ove Glove, the PedEgg, and the Pancake Puff pan.

Later on, when we were wrapping our pipes in bubble gum and electrical tape, we decided to give Mighty Putty a try.  

The results and review of these products?

The Ove Glove:  Honestly, I use it all the time.  It's a lot easier to use than a normal oven mitt and it works great.  Have never been burned while using it.  It hangs on a little magnetic hook on my refrigerator.

The Ped Egg:  Works OK.  It takes a lot of time and effort to actually get rid of a heavy callus.  

Mighty Putty: Not so mighty.  Don't waste your money.  It's a completely useless composite material that has no practical purpose.  It should be relabeled Mighty Crap-China-Had-Left-Over-From-All-Their-Industrial-Waste-That-They-Forgot-To-Include-In Their-Poison-Dog -Food.

The Pancake Puff: This is one of those products that looks like more fun than it actually is. Yeah, let's make exotic, gourmet food in the shape of a ball!  That always makes it taste better! The only purpose this contraption served was to make me curse more in thirty minutes than I had all year long.  Do you know how hard it is to flip a pancake puff with a long, skinny stick? It qualifies as torture in my book...completely inhumane.

Somehow I have escaped any recent urgings to buy the new amazing products offered on the TV.  Maybe they've become skeptical after seeing the magnificent failure of Mighty Putty. 

On the other hand...Mother's Day is just around the corner and I have heard some mumblings about the Buxton Organizer and the Snuggie.  

Maybe I can wear them together! 

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