Friday, March 27, 2009

Cartoon Economics

From Marginal Revolution....South Park explains economics.  Some might take offense, but it's worth watching the headless chicken and the chart.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

That is brilliant

Anonymous said...

Especially when the other plot (with Kyle) retells the Gospel by analogy with Kyle in the role of Jesus, "taking our debts upon himself". And the aftermath:

1) Kyle has paid off everybody's debt with his Unlimited Amex Card. After this, everyone goes right back into WalMart and Sharper Image and gets themselves in hock all over again.

2) The media cover how South Park's economy has turned around, crediting all honor and glory to --"BARACK OBAMA!" (Cut to pic of Obama making a speech with a sunburst halo backlighting his head, then Kyle watching this on TV and going "WTF?")

Headless Unicorn Guy

P.S. Did you notice that if the headless chicken had collapsed a few inches to the left, it would have been "Coup d'Etat" instead of "Bailout"?