Monday, November 24, 2008

They Start Off So Young Nowadays

This past weekend was spent with my in-laws.  I had arranged for us to have a family portrait done to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, so our immediate family and my sister-in-law's family went up to visit and prepare for the photo shoot.

My mother-in-law, being the wonderful grandma she is, decided to get a few games for the boys to play while we were up there. She picked up a checkers game from a local garage sale in her retirement community.

After unpacking the game, The Rationalist came up to me with a couple of checkers in his hand.

"Why do these have pictures of clothes on them?" he asked.


"Look...they have shirts, pants, underwear, bras.....why are there pictures of clothes on the checkers?"

"Uhhh....I'm not sure.  Bring me the instructions."

He picked up an old, withered paper and brought it over to me.

Strip Checkers--it read.

My mother-in-law is corrupting my young children.  

Those never know what they're up to in their Active Adult Communities.


Anonymous said...

LOL, Terri, so corrupting!

Anonymous said...

On a related note, my mom bought a tic-tac-toe set, with a board and glass "pieces". They turned out to be shooter glasses, for a DRINKING GAME tic-tac-toe. Nice one.

terri said...

Sounds like your mother and my mother-in-law could have some wild parties if they got together!

Ruth said...

Oh my gosh that is hilarious.