Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Blahs

I've been feeling a little like Charlie Brown lately...disappointed, dejected, exasperated with people and the world. Around every corner lurks some new problem or obstacle for me to deal with, and I have had enough of it already.  I want to take my toys and go home, because I am so done in dealing with reality.

I was out at my dad's place this past week, scheduling home inspectors, pest control, electricians, and contractors.  It was a two-day marathon session full of bad news and decisions I don't want to have to make.  My fact-finding mission brought me facts I was none too pleased to hear.

My home inspector, a very nice, thorough man, was the first person with whom I had made an appointment.  My dad's house needs some repair. One wall had an obvious moisture problem that was going to need to be fixed.  My dad also had some termite bait stations scattered around the home.  I needed to know exactly what the condition of the house was before proceeding.

That first appointment set my mood for the next week. 

My dad's house had become a nice snack for subterranean termites. The inspector had found evidence of them in almost every exterior wall, two of which were in very bad condition. He also found evidence in the attic.

The only way to find out how much damage they have done to the house is to rip off all the drywall and look at what's behind it.  If they have destroyed much of the wood framing and studs--the actual structural portion of the house--it will have to be replaced.  If it's really bad, the two bathrooms in the home will have to be gutted and then completely redone after the repairs have been made.  They are back to back on one of the heavily infested walls.

This could cost, in a worst case scenario, up to $30,000.

That news, having settled firmly into my mind, has put me in a foul mood.  It isn't about the money, but about what I know lays ahead--choosing a contractor, prolonged construction, and numerous trips across the state to deal with this.

With this in the foreground of my mind, multiple occurrences are conspiring against me in the background.  Our car has been having trouble for almost two months now.  We have dragged it to the mechanic numerous times with no luck in getting it ironed out. Most recently, we think  the problem might be solved, but now there is a new "clunking" sound that has spontaneously appeared in a completely unrelated part of the car...just 2 days after getting the car back.

While visiting with my in-laws, I had to field questions about why I "think Obama is the right man for the job."   This was funny only because I had never confided that I had voted for Obama in the first place.  My silence on all the Republican gong-sounding must have given me away. It's very ironic, considering my vote for Obama wasn't an enthusiastic one, and I almost forget that I voted for him when I am in political discussions. 

Then I had to listen to how this current economic crisis has nothing to do with Republicans, but with the policies created by Democrats many years ago...yada, yada, yada. Before exiting from the political discussion I merely added that our current crisis is not a Democratic or Republican crisis, but an American problem.  We buy things we can't afford.  We send out stimulus packages and bailouts because we think we're entitled to live this way without repercussions. Democrats and Republicans alike shared in this downfall.  After stating this, my father-in-law spoke out,"It's not my problem.  It's not because of me," which is true, but missing the point of the collective problem we're facing.

I was annoyed at being dragged into pointed conversations by people I otherwise love and respect.

I'm worn down from this past year and my tolerance for life's annoyances is at an all-time low. That, added to the fact that Saturday was the anniversary of when things started to go downhill for me, has made me emotional and easily offended.  

I'd like to crawl into bed and sleep for a couple of weeks.



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terri said...

Unfortunately, none is needed...I knew already about the fact that it might be an I already had it confirmed by an independent house inspector and an unrelated pest control company.

Plus, my husband and I had already pulled back some boards before this and found the mud tubes that subterranean termites build and use.

There has been definite termite activity. It's possible that it's all old evidence, but there's no way to know. The house has no record of being officially treated, so we must assume that they are still active.

The treatment is only about $1,000. That's nothing compared to the repair issues we may face.

Here's hoping I'm being pessimistic.

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