Tuesday, December 04, 2007


One of my pet peeves about serial action/sci-fi shows is that in the search for compelling storylines and driving the series toward an exciting finale, they make the characters behave in ways that don't fit with how they have presented the character thus far in the show.

Last night's example of Hiro burying Adam Monroe alive in a casket is a good case of just such a thing. How can they take sweet Hiro and make him do something so awful? Killing Adam I would have believed, torturing him...not so much--but, they really wanted that shot of Adam in the coffin.

These kinds of shows, like Lost, Alias, and Heroes, constantly try to flip the characters back and forth between good and evil in an effort to show their human sides, but then get carried away and leave the viewer uncertain about what the characters are actually like. In an effort to reveal an unexpected twist during the season finale, the writers undermine the show, sacrificing long-term consistency and character development for short-term thrills.

And when can Ando become a sidekick again? I want to seem him bopping around with Hiro, playing out the "normal human" hero part.

grrrr....those writers better straighten this out when they get back from their strike or I'll send Syler after them!


Musicguy said...

Adam was about to release a virus that would have virtually wiped out humanity. Trapping him in a coffin, where he can't harm anyone ever again (or die, apparently), is hardly cause for alarm. I would have slowly killed the S.O.B., but then again, I'm just evil like that.

I also think Noah should have killed that creepy guy from the company when he was at home with his family.

terri said...

I wouldn't have cared if HIro had offed in the paper company warehouse. He was protecting the world and what-not. To choose to let him live in a casket....that seems too sick for Hiro.

And...eventually he's hoing to run out of oxygen. Will he "die", like Claire did when that boy whacked her head against the log, only to come back to life later when some oxygen gets in his lungs? And...can his body regenerate with no food?

I think way too much about this! :-) stuff.

terri said...

wow...I'm not sure what I was drinking when I wrote that comment!

excuse my incoherency! :-)