Saturday, November 13, 2010

More Blogroll Additions

Like a Child--A mom of two writing about her doubts and beliefs and science background and how they're interacting in her life.

Lower Wisdom--JS Allen's blog about mainly religious ideas and epistemology.

Think and Wonder. Wonder and Think...--Another mom, and also a psychologist, working through her religious and scientific thoughts

He's a Good Blog--jackscrow's blog on mostly political themes

Dr. X--Dr. X's blog on Psychology and other interesting topics

I'm always open to blog linking. Sometimes I just get too lazy or forgetful to update my list of blogs that I frequent, or interact with. If I missed anyone who wants a link...leave a comment.

1 comment:

Like a Child said...

Thanks. As an aside, I was reading your Stream of Conciousness post and first thought PST meant post-traumatic stress disorder (yes I read it as PTSD...and I'm not dyslexic...that I know of). Which lead me on a tangent thinking how I am experiencing Post-evangelical stress disorder. Another blog post, perhaps!