Monday, November 01, 2010

The Haul

Agents Ninja Storm and Boba Fett suited up and headed out to expedite the assigned mission of accumulating the proper nutritional and energy sources for the next six months. In order to be independent of the influence of the sugar-producing conglomerates planning to take over the world, it was essential that the agents secure supplies for the foreseeable future.

Our agents were highly successful.

They will continue to be used in the field once they have recovered from Sugar Intoxication Syndrome.


DH said...

mmmm... sugar... :o)

Retriever said...

mmmm We were away freezing in the country and I rather missed the fun. One kid stayed at home, and didn't feel like dealing with answering the door, so left a big bowl of ALL the candy out at once. Within five minutes, some kids had stolen ALL of it, and there was no more candy to hand out for the rest of the night. My kid was appalled (it's a very nice, safe, cozy neighborhood and I don't ever remember anything like that ever happening before. The kids are basically honest, and restrained. One year somebody drove in a bus of brats from somewhere else who grabbed huge handfuls but my spouse and I would severely intone "no more than three per kid" More typically, neighborhood kids come by and visit with us, and everybody knows everybody.

One reason why I never went alone with my church's anti Halloween policy, as it was such an innocuous ndneighborly occasion in our little backwater. But times change.

I do miss being able to raid their candy hoards...

Anonymous said...

I bought candy, restrained the dog, and turned on the porch light. And I didn't have one trick or treater. Am hoping it was just the confusion over which day the kids should go out - maybe that's a northern NE thing. Or maybe it was lots of local parties that were held. Do hope it wasn't because I've been promoted to "crazy neighborhood woman". :-)


terri said...


That's awful! We have people in our working class neighborhood who just put candy out in bowls like that. So far, I've never seen them be taken advantage of like that. Although there is a lot of adult supervision when the kids trick or treat, maybe because it is a working class neighborhood.

No one necessarily thinks of the neighborhood as a safe, idyllic place to let the kids roam free! ;-)


I can't believe you didn't get any trick or treaters.

We always overestimate how many kids we're going to have. Probably only a third of the house in our surrounding blocks participate in passing out candy...and it seems like there really aren't that many kids out, at least in comparison to my childhood memories.

I don't know if its the socio-economic status of our neighborhood, or the fact that there are many Jehovah's witnesses and other Christian groups which are so opposed to Halloween here, but it never seems like there are as many participants as I expect.

THere are lots of churches that hold "Fall Festivals". Maybe they drain kids from the trick or treating pool!