Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Some days being the caretaker of people and pets is a huge bummer. Like today, after warning The Intuitive and The Rationalist that I was leaving at 7:20 am for work and not waiting for any last minute remembrances of forgotten tasks or homework, or brushing of teeth, or tying of shoes, they still almost didn't make it. The Intuitive came wailing out of the house as I started the car, upset at the prospect of being left behind and having to walk to school. He plopped himself into the car and told me it was my fault that he was running late.

My fault. Even though I am the one who woke him up in time, had breakfast waiting for him by 6:30 and told him up front that I expected him to get himself ready on time.

I tried to put an end to that reasoning by asking him how much time he spent laying on the floor of his bedroom playing with his Bakugan figurines/toys.

I got a grudging "A lot," out of him.

Yes. It always the mother's fault, or the fault of whatever person has decided to foolishly take on responsibility for everyone else.

I even take on responsibility for non-human entities....like my poor dog.

You can just see it in her eyes as she's looking at me. It's all my fault that I put her in the cone of shame....not the fault of her constantly scratching her chin causing the same spot to bleed all over the carpet, never getting a chance to heal properly.

I don't just stop at mammals. I have also assumed responsibility for keeping one long-lived leopard frog alive for the past year. I even go out of my way to buy it boxes of crickets to eat and make sure that only spring water is put in its container. Apparently, tap water kills frogs.

It hasn't blamed me for anything yet, but it does freak out and try to get away as soon as I open the lid to its terrarium.

I get no respect...no respect, I tell'ya.


Retriever said...

But Ve All KNOW it is Always Ze Mama's Fault....

Actually, I think you are handling it just fine...The poor pooch looks sweet. Is it the chlorine in the tap water that does a number on the frog?? What if you let it evaporate for a day like fish water? Or is it other trace elements...We had an african albino water frog one kid made us get when it was small and it started leaping out and eating the goldfish and skeletizing them. Horrible. The remaining fish swam very nervously until we cordoned the murderer off in one corner of the tank. Put the kid who picked him would not let us put him to death.

terri said...

I think I've seen those African frogs in the pet store. They're really big and creepy-looking, with claw-like feet.


We've raised this frog from a tadpole that was part of a birthday gift/frog habitat that The Intuitive received from his aunt.

It was fun watching it grow...but I'm tired of constantly buy it crickets!