Sunday, October 17, 2010


We were out of town this weekend, up visiting my in-laws, throwing a Birthday Party for DH.

He's ancient now; out of his youthful thirties and plunging headlong into his forties. His sister, her husband and I are all turning/have turned 37 this year, so we joke that he is now officially the old man of the group. I'm the youngest by about 5 months, so I get to harass them about their advanced ages slightly longer than everyone else.

That cake in the picture was a Blackout Cake from The Cheesecake Factory and could have fed 50 people. Chocolate cake, chocolate icing, chocolate chips, and covered in crushed almonds, it helped ease the pain of DH's inevitable decline.

This past week was also our 13th wedding anniversary. I told DH that we don't need to be superstitious about the number 13 because we had technically just finished our thirteenth year and were starting our 14th year together.

Feels like the 41st....but totally in a good way! ;-)


DH said...

Hey, who's that stud with his arms around you???

terri said...

That guy?

He's getting kind of old and long in the tooth. I was thinking about trading him in for a younger model.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

The variant on that quip is the guy whose wife is turning 40 and he jokes that he's going to turn her in for two 20's. "Harry," she says "you ain't wired for 220."