Monday, August 02, 2010

Playlist Nostalgia and Girl Power

Looking for some new tunes for my running playlist and got this as a suggestion:

Immediately bought it...because I rocked my childhood out listening to Pat Benatar and wanting to be Pat Benatar.

She was rivaled only by Linda Ronstadt for my childhood adulation and devotion. I can probably still sing every lyric to Ronstadt's Heart Like Wheel and Simple Dreams albums....because I listened to them over and over...probably on my mother's 8-track tape player while I danced around crazily in my bedroom.

Good times...good times.

I rounded my playlist off with Vanessa Carlton's version of Paint it Black:

Maybe I'll come up with a complete Girl Power playlist for my next 5k.


DH said...

A travesty! Paint it Black is a classic! Even for someone who was never a Rolling Stones fan, I can't listen to a remake without wincing. ;o)

DH said...

Realizing that last post was just a wee bit negative, here are some alternate girl power suggestions. :o)

Kim Wilde - "You Keep Me Hanging On" -

Okay, this next one totally won't work for running, but man did I love this song when I was younger.

Basia - "Time and Tide" -

Ah, another classic.

Pointer Sisters - "Neutron Dance" -

terri said...


Um yeah....I won't openly mock your selections because that would be humiliating for you...but you have clearly misunderstood what a true Girl Power rocker is. maybe I openly mocked you...but it's only because I know you can take it! ;-)

DH said...

Ok, ok. Fair enough. Not rocker chick. How's this?

Blondie - "Dreaming" -

Melissa Etheridge - "Breathe" -

Tori Amos - "Big Wheel" -

And seemingly appropriate...

Melissa Etheridge - "I Run for Life" -

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Don't know about the Girl Power thing, but I was long a Linda Ronstadt fan. She disappeared after the Stone Poneys for awhile, and resurfaced opening for Neil Young in the early 70's. He was in his stoned, play electric guitar for endless minutes mode at the time - she was focused and brought her own electricity. When we saw her, we could tell many of the kids did not know who she was, but were impressed.

We all knew she slept with her drummers for some reason, so all adolescent drummers dreamed of being her drummer - there's an incentive to practice for you.

She is stunning in many styles of music. She's an airhead - you don't want to ever hear an interview with her, or you have to wash it out with five consecutive CD's of her singing. Fortunately, there are more than five that are worth it.

It causes me to wonder about interpreting a song and its relation to general intelligence. You would think it would take some, but apparently not. Or perhaps certain things can be missing from general intelligence that do not affect music interpretation in the least. Ronstadt's little-girl cute looks, which she played up, certainly helped her get started, but those don't sustain a career.

terri said...

Maybe she wasn't air-headed as much as she was probably high?! :-)

I don't think I have ever seen an extended interview with her.