Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School...Back to Sanity

Ah...there's nothing quite like the sound of a quiet house, empty of the non-stop activity of two boys.

We had a great summer; lots of fun activities, a couple of extended trips visiting family, and the occasional beach outing.....but I was starting to get worn out. About a week ago I realized that I had not been completely alone for over 2 months. Not even for a couple of hours.

It was starting to get to me. My nerves were beginning to fray as we drew closer to the end of the summer....but I made it without totally losing my sanity and without completely losing it with the kids.

Now, we get to return to the routines of work and school. We get to be away from each other for a while and come back together with new things for us to talk about.


The Rationalist started his last year of elementary school and the Intuitive started 3rd grade today.

They are growing up so fast.

I'm happy I get to see them continuing to become their own people.


Sabio Lantz said...

I have a 3rd grade intuitive (girl) and 5th grade analytic (boy). The night before school they talked about death (see my recent post) -- was it coincidental or is that the feeling the end of summer brings to a child.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I love first day backpack pictures

terri said...


The end of summer and death? That's heavy!

My Rationalist likes school so I don't think he would make that association!


Yes. They are cute. I was looking over the past several years "first day" pictures and can't believe how little they used to be. I am so used to their present selves that its hard to remember their former selves.

Sabio Lantz said...

I once did a post on "mini-deaths" where I wrote about how the transitions (vacation-->school) have death like qualities. We can use them to lessen our fear of death in some ways perhaps.


We could believe we are special and have heavenly rewards awaiting us and all will be better when we die.

But, as you know, the later ain't my technique. ;-)