Monday, July 12, 2010

Link Love

I've read several posts from all corners of the like from the narrow list of blogs in my Google Reader....and I found several worth highlighting.

James ponders whether his spiritual life is one of Journey or Rest. His last paragraph really resonated with me.

Doug Chapin, aka clayboy, continues a conversation spurred by his skeptical maxim:
The rationality of a sceptic’s argument is inversely proportional to the strength of their attack on faith.
An interesting exchange took place, leading him to ponder whether Reason was God's practical joke.

Assistant Village Idiot compares multi-site churches and the mega church tendency to have song lyrics superimposed over pictures of doves, oceans, mountains, Orthodox iconography providing a Window Into Heaven.

Tyler Cowen, of Marginal Revolution, interacts with the article in The New York Times about cryonics, otherwise known as freezing your body, or head, in the hopes that technological advances made in the future will allow you to be thawed out and brought back to life.

While writing that out I just had a terrible image of 27th century, highly advanced people thawing out all these old, frozen heads and reanimating them only to give them to their children as pets. There's got to be a bad sci-fi movie in that idea...or maybe an episode of The Twilight Zone!

Sabio, from Triangulations, takes a poll on people's personal policies of violence. Some interesting conversation takes place between atheists and Christians. I didn't vote....but maybe I will after I've thought about it more.

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Sabio Lantz said...

Thanks for the mention. It is funny: I think many of us have unspoken policies, but if asked to verbalize, it would take us time to try. I think most of our doctrines are a cloud -- trying to systematize them teaches us stuff, but in ways, it is untrue to the real nature of mind.