Sunday, July 04, 2010

Conversations I Can't Win

After whiny, complaining, outraged speeches directed at yours truly from The Rationalist concerning the unfairness of letting The Intuitive play Wii first.....I sent him to his room.

Me: "I told you that was enough. If you don't quit fussing about it you'll have to go to your room and complain about it there."

The Rationalist: "But I asked before we even went to church this morning. I-"

Me: "That's it!...Go to your room!"

After a few minutes in his room spent caterwauling, complaining and pouring out his grievances to himself and God, I guess...he came out.

The Rationalist, finally calm and composed: "Can I come out of my room, now?"

Me: "Only if you're done complaining, fussing and yelling about how life is so awful and unfair to you."

The Rationalist, in a deadpan voice with a sigh as he plopped himself down on the couch: "OK. But, you is actually unfair sometimes."


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Donna B. said...

You may not believe this, but I really really miss those moments. Now that my grandchildren are emerging from the toddler stage, I'm looking forward to seeing how my children deal with it.

I love being a grandmother.

terri said...

Donna...your kids will probably fall down and kiss your feet for having put up with it from them! :-)