Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recent Search Terms

Magic phrases Google associates with my blog:
1. can I hire someone to break up my marriage?
--I'm pretty sure that will happen all on its own once your spouse reads your search history.

2. annoyingly happy people
--are you looking for specific examples?

3. fairy breasts
--umm...OK....is this from a Dungeons and Dragons fan boy?  Should I post a picture of Liv Tyler from Lord of the Rings?

4. naked pictures
--I have a feeling this searcher was sorely disappointed

5. losing brain cells while naked
--I hear that happens to at least half the global population, particularly those with a Y chromosome.

6. How much does a dead or asleep body weigh?
--I couldn't help but imagine this came from a serial killer trying to decide how big of a drum he was going to need.


Retriever said...

Liv Tyler's mom was a stripper....er....exotic dancer, I believe. Dad a rocker. So appealing to people's more basic instincts are in the genes....

(as opposed to all of us esoteric disembodied spirits sagely debated philosophy, Scripture and the finer points of Dunkin Donuts commercials....)

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Ecdysiast is the word you're going for, Retriever.

Retriever said...

Great word! Will suggest it with a straight face to the college kid still summer job hunting and see if she knows what it means...heheh