Monday, April 06, 2009

He Always Knows Just What To Say

"ugh...I hate my hair right now!"

"I look like Weird Al Yankovick!"

DH to me: "No you don't. Weird Al has more hair than you."


Anonymous said...

terri, I followed the link from James McGrath's site and skimmed some posts. Weird Al, Monty Python, running 5Ks, boys (I have 3) and arcane Bible topics? I'm impressed.

BTW, I agree a lot with your posts on annihilation. I don't think that endless fiery torture is anybody's fate after death.

I was in Borders the other day in the religion section and saw some books by some nut who claimed to be taken to hell one day for 23 minutes while with his wife in a hotel. It was really awful with fire and pain and demonic creatures. It is so laughably stupid but apparently he has made a career out of this drug-induced hallucination.


terri said...

Hi pf!

I assure blog makes me seem more interesting than I actually am! :-)

Or as one really bad country song puts it: "I'm so much cooler online!"

Thanks for stopping by!

Assistant Village Idiot said...

It's tough to be female, I guess. I have little hair, and it's no big deal. Hair issues are just harder for women.

Speaking as a middle-aged man - and I know you are young - you still look adorable to us. Cold comfort, I'm sure, but time will bring you back in line with your age-mates.