Friday, April 24, 2009

Field Trip Fun

This week I helped chaperone Intuitive Monkey's class field trip to the local Museum of Science and Industry.  Part of the fun of having your parent chaperone is having the ability to choose the members of your group.

Miss K-- slowly shook her head with a rueful grin when she gave me my group.  

"He's the one who chose his group members.  Good luck!"

The Three Amigos:

I spent a large portion of my time herding each of them as they would wander off, excitedly forgetting everything but the desire to check out the next greatest display.  

It wasn't that bad, really.  They were rambunctious but pleasant.

The best part of the Museum was the special "kids" area.  It was all hands on and had some extremely cool exhibits--a wind tunnel whose winds reached 80 mph, a tug of war fulcrum, a bed of nails that the children could lay on. 

Neat stuff.

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Retriever said...

Sweet pictures! The knight one is adorable. It's so much fun watching their excitement and hearing their exclamations at all the good stuff they find out. Quite puts us jaded, sedate adults to shame!

I used to love those trips when my kids were younger. One of the reasons I still teach Sunday School.