Monday, December 22, 2008

Field Trip

Last week I had the privilege of chaperoning the Intuitive Monkey and his class to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.  

The tour was sort of boring and over the heads of the 20 first graders who comprised the tour guide's captive audience.  The tour guide spent 10 minutes talking about the cost of a suite for 5 years, and contract details when it comes to the upcoming Super Bowl.  The kids just wanted to run on the football field, but weren't allowed to. Bummer.

We did get to enter the stadium through the Bucs entrance.  Here we are making our triumphant entry.

The kids traipsed up and down the stairs, sitting in the fold down seats, pretending they were watching a game.

Their favorite part was exploring the Buccaneers' pirate ship. Monkey was about to be keelhauled for being a lily-livered landlubber.
Everything went well even though the tour guide tried to fake us out by taking us to a generic locker room and proclaiming it was the actual Bucs locker room....without any actual equipment, name tags, personal touches, or lockable lockers.

Sure Mr. Tour Guide...we believe you.  Next thing you'll be telling us that you had the Monster Exterminator out to clean up the place before the Super Bowl.

White lies not withstanding, the kids ran through the locker room and stood in amazement at the shower room that could hold them all...and not one kid turned a shower knob on.  That's nearly miraculous.

A fun day.

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