Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On Hiatus

I'm still alive and breathing!

The desire to blog can't be mustered from me lately. I've been busy trying to get the kids ready for school starting next week, recovering from my last treatment, and making arrangements for childcare for my next treatment, which is tomorrow.

I spent a couple of days in a mad cleaning frenzy--shampooing carpets, cleaning the upholstery of our dining set--never buy white cloth chairs...even if you don't have kids at the time--cleaning our screened porch, and reorganizing our kitchen cabinets. I think this was brought on by the fact that our home was a mess when we had the break-in. DH is great at taking care of the kids while I am recovering, not so great at the cleaning of the home. The violation of having someone in our home, combined with the fact that it was a disaster at the time, made me go spring-cleaning crazy.

Anyway...I've been busy and also feeling a general malaise toward blogging.

I appreciate everyone who stops by with kind words. I will still check on the blog every once in a while, but I won't be posting regularly until the end of September when I am finally done with treatment; maybe sooner if the kids are in school and I am feeling well.

Until then...take care.

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Assistant Village Idiot said...

I imagine that cleaning is a good concrete, related response to the trauma of a break-in. Very healthy, I suppose.

I wouldn't know much about cleaning, myself, but it sounds like a good idea for other people.

Just kidding. Thanks for reminding me that my wife doesn't want to come back from camp to a dirty house tomorrow. Maybe I'll take out the trash or something.