Friday, August 29, 2008

a note from a place called hiatus

The kids started school last week, missing one day on account of Tropical Storm Faye. Schools closed in order to be used as a shelters, but then the storm, which was originally supposed to come straight for us, veered and missed us completely.

Monkey has been home for the past three days with an unknown virus which has left him with a high fever and blisters all throughout his mouth. I took him to the doctor ASAP, sure it was strep throat, but the test came back negative. He has been miserable. I hate to see him so uncomfortable and know that I can't do anything about it.

In the meantime, I have realized how paranoid this cancer thing has made me. Before his mouth developed blisters, he was complaining of abdominal pain and had a fever. My mind immediately started thinking appendicitis because he wasn't throwing up or having diarrhea, just constant abdominal pain. Then, when the strep test came back negative, I researched things on the internet--always a bad idea when the panic quotient is high and the knowledge quotient is low--and found all kinds of horrible diseases that it could be.

When something you think is nothing turns out to be something dangerous, it makes you a little crazy when confronted with other somethings which are probably nothings...y'know?


I have watched a little bit of the DNC meetings, but missed the speech by Obama. My husband's groaning and eye-rolling as soon as he saw it were enough to persuade me it wasn't worth watching with him in the room. Not that I really cared about it. Speeches are just scripted rhetoric. I don't put much stock in them.

Discovering that McCain's choice for VP is a woman, who is also a governor, is kind of heartening. I don't know much about her yet, but am intrigued. However, my cynic-o-meter is jumping off the charts as I wonder if his pick is merely an attempt to seem as history-making as Obama...or maybe draw more conservative Hillary supporters to him. Either way...this election will bring a first to the White House.

I've been amusing myself by gazing at cute cats and dogs from and

see more puppies

I also came across a blog that I find fascinating, though I can't tell you why...other than maybe my envy at not being as well-traveled, and not having as many neat experiences, as Callie's in Japan.

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