Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Summer Is Officially Here

Let the games begin!

School has officially ended for the boys. They have partaken of the requisite 4 cupcakes, 5 cookies, bowls overflowing with popcorn, and red, fruity drinks at the end-of-school celebration in their classrooms. They have carted home at least 2,317 loose papers in various states of crumplification, 3 half-empty bottles of glue, 12 multi-colored folders stuffed with graded homework from September, approximately 48 nubby crayons, and at least 22 Time--for Kids magazines.

How all of this fit into their desks, I am not sure. My bet is on some sort of tear in the fabric of space/time which exists only in school desks, allowing 100 times more matter to inhabit its interior than seems logically possible.

The kids are already excited and have an erroneous assumption that they will playing with the Wii for at least ten hours each day. No school. No homework. What else could possibly stand in their way?

Ah...such foolish quick to forget the mean mommy who will place limits on them.

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