Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Well, it's October, and Halloween will soon be upon us. Thus begins the search for an affordable costume that will last one whole evening as my boys careen around the neighborhood in a sugar-induced frenzy. Last year they both decided that they wanted to be Batman. I tried to convince them that they would look so cute if one was Batman and the other was Robin, but its hard to convince even a 3 or 5 year old that green-tights-wearing-Robin is as cool as Batman. So, they both had to be Batman. It worked out well except for the fact that the costumes were pitch black from head to toe, and I kept looking around for them as we paraded about. They blended too easily into the dark night.

(Batman after the 100th Snickers bar!) This picture always cracks me up! Looks like Batman might be headed for the Gotham Asylum!

We are on a tight budget this year. We might just have to have two Batmans again. Or, I could cover them from head to toe with Aluminum foil and they could go as baked potatoes! I am horrible at actually sewing. Glue, tape, and household appliances might be my only recourse if I have to create costumes for them. Poor children--so unlucky to have a bad seamstress for their mother.

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